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About Us

Meet Our Team

The Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program is enriched by diverse perspectives, celebrating each other’s unique experience and expertise.

David Allen
Program Manager (grantee)
Brittany Croll
Program Manager​
Cynthia Garcia
Program Manager
Melissa Hiatt
Web Developer (Contractor)
Kyla Kelly
2024 Knauss Fellow
Alyse Larkin
Program Manager (grantee)
David Legler smiles at the camera with a blue sky and palm leaves in the background.
David Legler
Allison Lepp
2024 Knauss Fellow
Sandy Lucas
Arctic Program Director
Jessica Mkitarian
Senior Communications Specialist (contractor)
LCDR Jeff Pereira
Operations Manager
Claudia Rojo
Budget Analyst
Emily Smith
Program Manager
Jessica Snowden
Deputy Director
Cheyenne Stienbarger
Program Manager
Elizabeth Swiney
Program Administrator (contractor)
Kathy Tedesco
Program Manager (grantee)
James Todd
Program Manager
Tonya Young
Administrative Officer
Ann-Christine Zinkann
Program Manager (grantee)​