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Emily Smith

Program Manager

Emily is the Program Manager of the US Argo Program, the Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS) network, gliders in boundary currents and ocean heat content products. This includes strategic planning for the observing systems and managing budgets. Emily also coordinates the Adopt a Drifter program, which facilitates partnerships with schools in the US and abroad so they can track drifting buoys and use the data in real time in their classrooms. Before coming to NOAA, Emily spent several years teaching middle school students and this program helps keep her connected to the education world.

Since 2018, Emily has led the development of a series of workshops focused on women in the sciences and training for leadership skills. Partnering with Earth Science Women’s Network, Emily has helped provide leadership training for over 200 women in the sciences.

Emily has a B.S in Biology, a B.S. in Biology Education (both from University of Southern Mississippi), an M.Ed. in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Environmental Science from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a PhD in Oceanography from Louisiana State University.