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GOMO’s FY 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

A Note from our Director:

This Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing (GOMO) Program Strategic Plan for FY 2021-2025 outlines our plans for improved global ocean knowledge, products, and capabilities that will enable NOAA to better address our responsibilities to the nation in areas of climate, weather, healthy oceans, and resilient coastal communities. Building on our heritage of international leadership, innovation, and partnerships, GOMO will continue to lead efforts across OAR and NOAA to develop and sustain global ocean observational knowledge, advance new technologies to meet emerging needs, improve data access and products, and build human capacity for the future. Realizing the Plan’s objectives will lead to expanded products and ocean knowledge, and contribute to a new era of Earth system models.

Over the next five years, GOMO will expand its focus to better address a range of needs from weather to climate and the blue economy, and it will also place greater emphasis on end-users, including improved co-design of ocean observing systems, data dissemination, quality and quantity of data products and enhancing GOMO’s role in weather and climate prediction improvement.

– Dr. David Legler

Goal 1

Sustain global ocean monitoring and observing for long-term continuity and improve data quality and system efficiency.

Goal 2

Innovate and evolve the ocean observing network to address emerging needs and opportunities for ocean health, ocean economy, weather and climate.

Goal 3

Improve the value, accessibility, and usability of observational data for informed decision-making.

Goal 4

Develop and capitalize on the expertise, diversity and capacity of the ocean observing enterprise.