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We’re Hiring! Apply to GOMO’s Data Management Specialist position

NOAA’s Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing (GOMO) Program is hiring a Data Management Specialist (Program Specialist III). This position will provide senior-level program support for the design and development of data management approaches and policies for the GOMO and Arctic Research Program (ARP). The position will work closely with the GOMO and ARP Directors, Program Managers, the broader Data Management community, and Principal Investigators to lead the finalization of the GOMO Data Strategy Plan. Additionally, they will be responsible for formulating an Implementation Plan and establishing a Data Implementation Community of Practice/Group.

What You Will Do

Technical and Program Management

  • Lead the development of readily accessible and discoverable machine-readable data on GOMO projects and foster greater accountability, consistency, and interoperability program-wide.
  • Foster a community of practice for program data reporting, and analytics, and plan for program user engagement as we establish a data management framework for GOMO.
  • Develop and establish recommendations regarding data and metadata requirements, standard formats, and management policies based on existing standard data models.
  • Lead the data landscape assessment of the whole GOMO program in collaboration with the GOMO Program Managers and PIs.
  • Develop systems that allow for data-driven program decision-making.

Strategic Planning and Program Implementation

  • Interpret broad policy and program directives and make recommendations for data management program guides and time-phasing of planning actions.
  • Follow the initial implementation of the data strategy plan, and work with GOMO Program Managers and PIs to provide a path for data user engagement (tracking feedback, response, and actions). 
  • Write work plans, white papers, and proposals to sustain and enhance GOMO data management and systems. 
  • Along with the Program Managers, review submitted Data Management Plans (DMPs) of proposals and compliance checking of work plans and progress reports.   
  • Join close-out calls for projects that have ended after final reports are submitted to ensure data and archival requirements are met.  
  • Create tools and relevant documents (e.g., Data submission preparation step-by-step) to ensure smooth and seamless data submission and archiving.
    • Also, serve as a data content manager to assist with more specific guidance upon request.
  • Lead data management training, workshops, and relevant resource materials for program Principal Investigators (PIs) and stakeholders.

Program Representation

 In the areas of design and development of data management approaches and the drafting and implementation of the GOMO Data Strategy Plan: 

  • Recommend and leverage activities, systems, and approaches to help minimize additional paperwork, administrative hurdles, and reporting requirements for researchers creating data or publications. 
  • Lead continued engagement with data providers and other stakeholders to ensure open lines of communication concerning data and information sharing, best practices, and communicating NOAA, USG, and international policies as data landscapes continue to evolve.
  • Maintain and expand current partnerships within OAR and across the agency, identify new opportunities with potential partners in NOAA, the Federal government, non-governmental organizations, indigenous communities, and academic institutions.
  • Along with Program Managers, GOMO Web Developer, and the Senior Communications Specialist, support the creation, maintenance, and updating of data web pages and corresponding project-specific landing pages.
  • Coordinate with other data experts to disentangle different metadata formats across single platforms (i.e. tide gauges and OceanSITES) and recommend one format per platform. 
  • Represent the GOMO and ARP at relevant meetings to present information about current efforts and priorities.  
For more details on the position, including requirements, benefits and salary range please see posting on the UCAR Careers site: CPAESS Program Specialist III. The priority application deadline is January 29, 2024.