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U.S. Ambassador to Iceland Visits NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown After 55-day GO-SHIP Cruise Docks in Reykjavik

After 55 days at sea and a successful re-occupation of 150 ocean stations as a part of the decadal GO-SHIP transect A16N, NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown received a welcome visit from the U.S. Ambassador to Iceland, Carrin F. Patman, in Reykjavik this May. During the visit, Ambassador Patman embarked on a tour of the ship led by Captain Marc Moser, Commander Aaron Maggied, Chief Scientist Leticia Barbero, and senior officers.

Chief Scientist Barbero shared with Ambassador Patman the critical role that this research cruise has played in tracking changes in heat, freshwater, carbon, oxygen, nutrients, and other crucial metrics in the Atlantic Ocean over the past 30 years. The GO-SHIP A16N is part of a larger international project known as the Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program (GO-SHIP), which makes repeat ocean observations at decadal intervals through a global network of cruise tracks and is supported by the Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program.

In collaboration with NOAA Research’s International Activities team, Barbero shared an overview of NOAA’s activities in Icelandic waters, including the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory’s years-long collaboration with Icelandic cargo ship company Eimskip. 

In response to the visit, the U.S. Embassy shared the following, “The scientific research conducted by the R/V Ronald H. Brown in Icelandic waters holds immense significance for the United States. It not only deepens our bilateral scientific research relationship with Iceland but also aligns with our shared priorities in marine research. We are proud to support this valuable mission and the dedication of the crew and scientists involved. Their efforts are instrumental in advancing our knowledge of the ocean’s dynamics and its role in shaping our environment.” 

At the end of the visit, as a token of appreciation from the captain, crew, and scientists aboard the vessel, Captain Moser and Commander Maggied presented Ambassador Patman (a Texan) with a cowboy hard hat and kolaches baked by the galley.