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Second Frontiers in Ocean Observing Supplement Published in Oceanography Magazine

Cover of the Frontiers in Ocean Observing 2023 Supplement depicting several ocean observing platforms (moorings, autonomous underwater vehicles, CTD rosettes, and towed vehicles) that scientists use to sample and sense the ocean. Illustration by Natalie Renier (WHOI) as published by The Oceanography Society.

In March 2023, the second ocean observing supplement to Oceanography magazine was published. Frontiers in Ocean Observing: Emerging Technologies for Understanding and Managing a Changing Ocean describes new technologies and presents results of new research that can advance our understanding of the world ocean and its resources, and support sustainable ocean use and management. The supplement highlights work contributed by leading ocean observing scientists from around the world and encourages collaboration among researchers working across similar themes. Topics covered in the supplement align with the priorities of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), including 1) Ocean-Climate Nexus: Observations for Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal, 2) Ecosystems and Their Diversity: Patterns and Trends in Ocean Biodiversity Under Climate Change, 3) Ocean Pollutants: Assessing the Damage Caused by Marine Plastic Pollution, 4) Multi-Hazard Warning Systems: Ocean Observations for Coastal Hazard Warning, and 5) Technology: Environmental DNA. The 2023 supplement was notable for providing opportunities for early career scientists to serve as guest editors and receive mentorship from senior scientists, helping to pave the way for the next generation of leaders in the field of ocean observing.

The Frontiers in Ocean Observing supplement represents an international effort supported by NOAA’s Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program (GOMO) in collaboration with other programs, including Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), and Partnerships for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO). GOMO Program Manager Emily Smith serves on the Frontiers in Ocean Observing Executive Committee and helped procure funding, coordinated activities leading to publication of the supplement, and contributed as a guest editor of the first ocean observing supplement, published in 2021. 

The 2023 Frontiers in Ocean Observing supplement may be found at: Kappel, E.S., V. Cullen, M.J. Costello, L. Galgani, C. Gordó-Vilaseca, A. Govindarajan, S. Kouhi, C. Lavin, L. McCartin, J.D. Müller, B. Pirenne, T. Tanhua, Q. Zhao, and S. Zhao, eds. 2023. Frontiers in Ocean Observing: Emerging Technologies for Understanding and Managing a Changing Ocean. Oceanography 36(Supplement 1),