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New Ocean Today Video Released!

Satellites of the Sea: Observing the Ocean for Hurricane Research

June marks World Ocean Month and the start of hurricane season. Here at NOAA, we conduct tons of research to help improve our understanding of hurricanes so that we can more accurately predict hurricanes, and save lives and property. Ocean observations have a key role in hurricane research, and to better explain that connection, GOMO, the NOAA Research Communications team and NOAA’s Ocean Today produced the video: Satellites of the Sea: Observing the Ocean for Hurricane Research. Ocean Today is an exciting, multimedia kiosk that features videos on all aspects of the ocean realm — exploration and discoveries, marine life and science. Ocean Today kiosks are located in museums, aquariums and learning centers across the globe! This two and a half minute educational video features some of the uncrewed observing tools GOMO supports: Argo floats, underwater gliders, drifting buoys, and saildrones. Watch the video on YouTube or on the Ocean Today website. Learn more about how GOMO is researching hurricanes in this interview with Extreme Events Program Manager, Cheyenne Stienbarger.