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New & Improved Outreach Tool to Track Research Vessels in the Arctic

New & Improved Outreach Tool to Track Research Vessels in the Arctic

IARPC Launches New 2022 Activity Compilation

The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) is pleased to launch the new and improved 2022 Planned Research Vessel Activities compilation webpage that provides information on planned research expeditions through Alaska and Arctic waters. The aim of this outreach tool is to improve collaboration among Arctic researchers and expand communications and coordination between local and Indigenous communities throughout the year. Research vessels travel through these waters to help us better understand changes in the Arctic and their impacts on all the life that it supports. This year, a total of 30 research expeditions are planned in the Arctic region.

New to this year’s compilation are plain language summaries of each research activity, relevant project links, contact information, and mechanisms on how to access cruise data. The research vessel compilation will also be available on the Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) website, and the spreadsheet and descriptions will be periodically updated and emailed out to stakeholders. IARPC will post when each expedition begins on Facebook and Twitter, and provide updates on expeditions in the IARPC newsletter. A communications plan is also in the works to ensure that this information will reach the target audiences of Arctic researchers and coastal communities.

To facilitate information sharing and collaboration, the IARPC Field Operations Working Group will also hold a Pre-Field Season Meeting on 27 June 2022 at 2pm ET / 10am AKT. At this meeting, researchers will share information about their upcoming expeditions that is relevant to other researchers and coastal communities. This meeting is open to anyone who wants to join and it will also be recorded. 

The 2022 Research Vessel Activities tool was compiled and created by IARPC and NOAA Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing (GOMO) Arctic Research Program Knauss Fellow Cynthia Garcia-Eidell. Input on the research activity compilation was received from multiple federal agencies and partners. For any questions, please contact Cynthia Garcia-Eidell, and Jill Prewitt (AOOS),