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Inaugural Ocean Observing Supplement to Oceanography Magazine Now Published

On January 10, 2022 Oceanography Magazine published a supplemental on ocean observing, titled: Frontiers in Ocean Observing: Documenting Ecosystems, Understanding Environmental Changes, Forecasting Hazards. This is the first time a supplement on ocean observing has been published in Oceanography Magazine. For this 2021 inaugural supplement, potential authors were invited to submit letters of interest aligned with the priorities of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030) in the following topical areas: (1) Ocean-Climate Nexus; (2) Ecosystems and Their Diversity; (3) Ocean Resources and the Economy Under Changing Environmental Conditions; (4) Pollutants and Contaminants and Their Potential Impacts on Human Health and Ecosystems; (5) Multi-Hazard Warning Systems.
The editors received 127 letters of interest from the global ocean observing community, and 35 articles were chosen for the supplement. For many of the articles, authors who had never before worked together were asked to collaborate and submit one combined article. The supplement also includes a closing section focused on exciting new ocean observing technologies. 
The supplement is edited by Ellen S. Kappel, and guest editors include S. Kim Juniper, Sophie Seeyave, Emily Smith (GOMO Program Manager), and Martin Visbeck. Support is provided by Ocean Networks Canada, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program, the international Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean, and the US Arctic Research Commission for generously supporting publication of this Ocean Observing supplement.  
Full Citation:
Kappel, E.S., S.K. Juniper, S. Seeyave, E. Smith, and M. Visbeck, eds. 2021. Frontiers in Ocean Observing: Documenting Ecosystems, Understanding Environmental Changes, Forecasting Hazards. A Supplement to Oceanography 34(4), 102 pp.,