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FY2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity

FY2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity

On July 21st, NOAA’s Climate Program Office announced that its Fiscal Year 2021 grant competitions are open. This year, the Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program is co-funding a competition with the Climate Program Office focused on innovative ocean dataset/product analysis and development for support of the NOAA observing and climate modeling communities.

Competition #5: Innovative Ocean Dataset/Product Analysis and Development for support of the NOAA Observing and Climate Modeling Communities

In FY21, this multi-program competition is soliciting proposals that will increase the usefulness of NOAA observations to the NOAA observing, modeling and/or satellite communities, and/or the broader scientific community by one of the following:

  1. Developing new observation-based (in situ, satellite) ocean synthesis datasets or products (physical and/or biogeochemical) for climate monitoring or modeling applications through applying existing methods or developing new, state-of-art, innovative methods and approaches (e.g. ocean state estimation, data assimilation, and quantification of observational uncertainty).

  2. Evaluating current methods and approaches for ocean observing and modeling, and the ability of observed and modeled data/products to reproduce physical or biogeochemical processes, climate phenomena, or interactions between Earth System components on different timescales. Proposals should examine bias(es) in observed and modeled data/products and advance understanding of the cause(s) for large differences between observed and modeled ocean data/products. Collaborations between the ocean observing and climate modeling community are strongly encouraged for Type 2 proposals.

Please see the competition information sheet and visit the FY2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity page for more details. 
The competition deadlines are as follows: Letters of intent (LOIs) are due by email to the competition manager by 5:00 p.m. EST, August 17, 2020. Full applications are due by 5:00 p.m. EST, November 30, 2020.

Funding Opportunity Number: NOAA-OAR-CPO-2021-2006389

Non-Federal applicants: should apply through using the requirements listed in the full NOFO document and the competition details in the information sheets.

Federal applicants: please read the application guidance on CPO’s FY2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity page. Federal lead investigators who wish to apply to this Announcement of Opportunity must prepare a proposal according to the FFO guidelines and submit the proposal to the Program Manger (via email instead of to Federal co-investigators must submit a proposal identical to the proposal lead investigator but with personalized budget information. Federal applications should be emailed directly to the Program Manger before the due date.

The Climate Program Office’s solicitation includes 6 competitions to advance understanding and prediction of climate to help Americans plan for and respond to risks and impacts. Details about the competitions, application information, and the names and contact information of relevant Competition Managers are posted on CPO’s FY2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity page.