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CPO’s Steve Piotrowicz to Receive NOAA Administrator’s Award

CPO’s Steve Piotrowicz to Receive NOAA Administrator’s Award

NOAA Administrator Dr. Kathryn Sullivan announced that Climate Program Office’s Stephen R. Piotrowicz will receive one of the 2016 NOAA Administrator’s Awards for his outstanding management of the US Argo Ocean Observing program. Piotrowicz and other awardees will receive their awards in a November ceremony at the NOAA Auditorium in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The NOAA Administrator’s Awards recognize employees who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, skill, and ingenuity in their significant, unique, and original contributions that bring unusual credit to NOAA, the Department of Commerce, and the Federal Government. 

Piotrowicz is a Program Manager in the Climate Observation Division with primary responsibility for the US component of the International Argo Profiling Float Program.