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GOMO-Funded Project

Building A Forecast System For Ocean and Ice Conditions Along the Northeast Passage and High Latitude Sea Route in the Arctic Ocean

The GLERL-CIGLR Arctic-sea routes nowcast/forecast System (GCAS) products aim at providing detailed information to Arctic marine managers, decision makers, commercial shipping and energy exploration industries for their decision making, management of Arctic resources and environmental protection. A preliminary GCAS with a 25-km Coupled Ice-Ocean Model (CIOM/IcePOM) for 5-day forecast in the entire Arctic, with a nested 4-km high-resolution model in the Chukchi-East Siberian-Laptev-Kara (CELK) seas was implemented. The daily forecast models are forced by NCEP FV3GFS to predict ice and ocean conditions for the next 5 days.

Project Data

Publications and Reports

  • Cai, Q., D. Beletsky, J. Wang, and R. Lei, 2021. Interannual and decadal variability of Arctic summer sea ice associated with atmospheric teleconnection patterns during 1850- 2017. J. Climate, DOI:
  • Lin, Y-C, A. Fujisaki-Manome, and J. Wang, 2022. Recently Amplified Interannual Variability of Great Lakes Ice Cover and its Connection to Sea Ice over the Bering and Chukchi Seas. J. Climate, 35, 2683-2700, DOI: 10.1175/JCLI-D-21-0448.1Access
  • Wang, J., A. Reiser*, A. Fujisaki-Manome, P. Chu, 2022. Development of Multi-Variable Regression Models for Hindcasting Arctic Summer Sea Ice Extent Using Six Teleconnection Patterns, NOAA Technical Memorandum-178, 105 pp. 139.Access