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The Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing program supports half of the world's ocean observing research

Our mission is to provide and support high quality global ocean observations and research to improve our scientific understanding and inform society about the ocean’s role in environmental change. Global ocean observations provide the foundation for describing the changes over time in our ocean, and they are used every day in weather, marine, and ocean prediction models, helping us understand our changing ocean and benefiting those who use the wide range of NOAA products and services.

Learn More About Our Program

Observing Platforms

We observe the global ocean through a suite of observing and monitoring tools that makes ocean research possible

The Ocean

We support research that studies global ocean conditions which help us understand our changing ocean and its impact on the environment

Arctic Report Card

We provide observations, climate information, and decision-making tools to researchers, forecasters, and other users to inform and promote community resiliency in the Arctic

Funded Projects

We work with labs and institutions that explore the marine environment, detect changes in the ocean and atmosphere, make forecasts better, and drive innovative science.

The Evolution of the Global Ocean Observing System

Over the past 30 years, ocean observations have helped inform weather forecasts, climate predictions, fisheries management and shown us how the oceans are changing over time. In this video, you will hear from some of our partners around the world about the importance of our global ocean observing system, what’s next in evolving the system to become more inclusive, and how the information we collect can be used to address rapid changes in the ocean and climate.


We Support the Advancement of Ocean Science

GOMO provides support for institutions from around the country that foster advancements in understanding and protecting our global ocean. Learn more about the research projects that impact people, ecosystems, and the economy.